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Specialty local flowers,

straight to your door.

  • How does a bouquet subscription work?
    You (or someone you love) will receive beautiful bouquets full of seasonal, super-fresh blooms, hand-tied in recyclable paper. Delivery is free, straight to your door! Choose your preferred season and frequency: weekly, every other week, or monthly. Our flowers are grown and harvested right here in Elora, then conditioned and delivered to you immediately in peak condition. Unlike most imported flowers, all our flowers are safe to sniff—totally free of chemicals. We also know that you'd rather spend more time enjoying your flowers and less time figuring out the logistics. That's why we include free delivery to Waterloo, Kitchener, North Guelph, Elmira, Elora, Fergus, and between. Order once, and the flowers keep coming. 1. Choose your preferred season and frequency: weekly, every other week, or monthly. 2. Watch your email inbox for confirmation of your exact start date. (Since we are dependent on weather and temperature, we will confirm all delivery dates the week before your subscription begins.) 3. All your scheduled deliveries will be on Thursday evenings between 6-9pm. We'll always text you the day before to remind/confirm. 4. Your bouquet will arrive in recyclable kraft paper, ready to be trimmed and placed in a vase. Here's a Care & Arranging guide to help you enjoy your bouquet as long as possible! We include flower food with every bouquet.
  • Can I order a bouquet subscription as a gift?
    Absolutely, a bouquet subscription makes an amazing gift! You can also order a Gift Notification Card, beautifully presented and gift-ready. Since the actual bouquets will arrive separately, these cards include instructions for the recipient to activate their subscription so we can confirm delivery with them directly. We can either mail the Gift Notification Card directly to the recipient, or we can mail it to you so that you have the pleasure of giving it in person!
  • When do you deliver? Where do you deliver?
    In order to make free delivery possible, we do one big delivery route per week. All your scheduled bouquets will arrive on Thursdays between 6-9pm.* (If this changes, we will confirm with you first.) We deliver to Waterloo, Kitchener, North Guelph, Elmira, Elora, and between. *If Thursdays don't work, or if you live outside our delivery area, you are welcome to pre-arrange farm pickup at a convenient time. We can also deliver to a friend or family member to relay to you.
  • When will my subscription begin?
    We are entirely dependent on weather and temperature, so all our 2020 start dates are approximate. We will update via email as the season approaches, and confirm one week before your subscription is ready to begin. Please add to your email contacts to make sure you get your updates! SPRING SUBSCRIPTIONS: Mid-May until late June/early July (8-week period: weekly or every other week) SUMMER SUBSCRIPTIONS: Early July until mid/late August (8-week period: weekly or every other week) AUTUMN SUBSCRIPTIONS: Late August until mid-October (8-week period: weekly or every other week) MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS: May to October (6 months, once or twice per month)
  • Do I pre-select any flowers, or will they just show up?"
    Short answer: yes, they will just show up! We will select the best seasonal blooms and choose colours that work well together. Every bouquet will be different, so there's always something new to enjoy. If you'd like a certain colour in your bouquets, you can always email us at with special requests. Just give us at least 48 hours' notice, since we harvest to order. You will receive a reminder/confirmation text the day before each of your scheduled deliveries.
  • What if I'm not home in time for my delivery?
    We get it—life is unpredictable! The best option is to give us a neighbour's address so they can collect your bouquet for you. (Please let us know by 4pm on the day of your scheduled delivery.) Otherwise, please leave a full bucket of water in an obvious place, in the shade and out of the wind. We can’t be responsible for unattended flowers, so just keep that in mind!
  • Can I skip a delivery (eg. if I know I'll be away on vacation)?
    WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTIONS: You can skip one week and add it to the end of your subscription if you give us 48 hours' notice, since we harvest to order. Because our subscriptions are season-based, we are unable to extend further than one week.* EVERY-OTHER-WEEK SUBSCRIPTIONS: You can choose to move any delivery to the next week (eg. skip a week, then deliver two weeks in a row). Please give us 48 hours' notice, since we harvest to order.* MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS: Lucky you—you have the most flexibility! We can move any delivery date as long as you give us 48 hours' notice. (Deliveries will always be on Thursdays between 6-9pm.)* *Alternatively, we will gladly deliver your bouquet to another person on your behalf—making you the hero! Just give us the new address by noon on the day of your scheduled delivery. (First confirm that it's within our delivery area, and make sure that someone will be home to receive it.)
  • If I want to give one of my bouquets to someone else, can you deliver straight to them instead of me?"
    Yes! (How thoughtful of you.) Just confirm that the replacement address is within our delivery area, and let us know by noon on the day of your scheduled delivery. However, since we don’t make delivery phone calls, please make sure that someone will be home to receive it. We can also include a note, if you'd like.
  • Is there anything specific I should do with my flowers when I receive them?
    When your bouquet arrives, give the stems a fresh cut and place it straight in a vase with flower food (included). Here's a handy Care & Arranging guideto help you make your bouquets last as long as possible!
  • How long will my bouquets last?
    All our blooms are cut and conditioned at their ideal harvest stage for maximum vase life. Each type of flower is different; for example, dinnerplate dahlias only last a few days, but ranunculus can last up to two weeks—and that's without the chemicals or preservatives commonly found in imported flowers. With proper care (see our Care & Arranging guide), your bouquets should last a week on average. We include flower food with every bouquet.
  • Can I order extra flowers if I'm planning a party / visiting a loved one?
    Absolutely! (Depending on availability.) Just email us at and let us know what you'd like. We can deliver extra flowers with your regular subscription, or you can arrange farm pickup at a time that suits you.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    Yes, we understand that plans change. You can cancel your subscription for a full refund up to one week before your subscription begins. After this point, we cannot cancel your subscription (since it is seasonal), but you are welcome to transfer to someone else as long as they are within the delivery area: Waterloo, Kitchener, North Guelph, Elmira, Elora, Fergus and between. *Gift notification cards are final sale.
  • What if a freak storm wipes out all the flowers?
    We have to add this here, just in case! ;) All our flowers are field-grown without chemicals, so we are entirely at the mercy of Mother Nature. If we aren't able to deliver your scheduled bouquet (for any reason), we will either extend your subscription to make up the difference OR offer you a refund for the missed bouquet. We are growing lots of flowers, so let's hope this is a non-issue! Farming is both risky and incredibly rewarding. We're so thankful for everyone who is joining us in this adventure!
  • What kinds of flowers will be in my bouquets?
    We have so many gorgeous blooms coming up! Here are some of the flowers we grow: SPRING: Specialty narcissus (daffodils), tulips, alliums, columbine, foxglove, flowering branches, anemones, ranunculus, lilacs, peonies, scented stock, larkspur, astilbe SUMMER: Ranunculus, sweet peas, cosmos, specialty sunflowers, hydrangea, scabiosa (pincushion flower), celosia, lace flower, larkspur, China asters, lisianthus AUTUMN: Dahlias, lisianthus, asters, specialty sunflowers, flowering cabbage, sea holly, grasses, scented stock, Japanese anemone, echinacea, eucalyptus Every bouquet will be full, lush, and hand-tied in recyclable kraft paper, pre-arranged so that you just need to trim the stems and place the whole bouquet straight in a vase. We include flower food and care instructions with all our bouquets.
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