1. Hot Pink (left)

2. Rosa (bottom centre)

3. Bianco (white)

4. Malva (purple, not pictured above)


These specialty Italian ranunculus are organically grown and ready for you to enjoy! Transplant them into a patio pot, plant them in the garden, or simply place them on a windowsill and watch them bloom. 

Potted Ranunculus

  • Well, that was fast. You cleared us out in 90 minutes. THANK YOU for your support, and I'm sorry if you didn't get one!!


    You can pick up your ranunculus anytime this weekend (beginning today) or the coming week. Specific plants will be first-come, first-served.


    If you can't get a plant with buds, don't worry—they're coming, and you'll just get to enjoy the process longer!


    You'll be asked to choose a time for contactless pickup. We appreciate if you can take your ranunculus home by next Friday (May 7). We are located at 6683 Gerrie Road, Elora.

  • Ranunculus love cool weather and will shut down as soon as the weather gets consistently above 24ºC, so a shady spot is ideal. Frost will damage the buds, so cover or bring them inside at night if needed.


    The pot is compostable, but do remove the pot if you're transplanting so the roots have an easier time getting into their new soil. 


    Ranunculus like their soil to be damp, but not wet. Try to let the surface of the soil dry out a little between watering. 


    With proper care, ranunculus should put out multiple buds until approximately late June. A general bloom fertilizer could help.


    To save them for next year, wait until the foliage gets totally yellow and then dies off, which means that your ranunculus has gone dormant for the season. Then dig it up, wash it off, let it dry completely, and store it in a paper bag at room temperature. It'll look like a weird, shriveled-up octopus—that's totally normal!


    If you'd like to try re-sprouting them next year, Antonio Valente in Toronto has a great tutorial. And if you really want to nerd out, Unicorn Blooms has the original Italian culture sheets here. (Many thanks to Louise at Unicorn Blooms for sourcing these specialty corms for us Canadian growers.) For reference, we started sprouting these in late February this year.

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